Why Choose Us?

We believe a wedding video should be as natural and unobtrusive as possible. This can only be achieved if your videographer understands what you want your special day to be like. The finer details and planning that goes in to any wedding are what makes it personal and when it comes to filming and editing the footage we shoot the better we understand, the better the end result will be. Here are some questions to ask a wedding video company when choosing who films your wedding:

  • Will it be YOU that films my wedding or someone else I have not met?<
  • Will you contact or visit the Church / Venue before the wedding to discuss the days events and find the best filming positions?
  • Can you come and meet us either at our home or at the rehearsal to go through the days events in detail?
  • Do you use 2 cameras when you film a wedding?
  • Do you have lighting equipment to film the 1st dance? (many venues have inadequate lighting and venues can sometimes be too dark)

Of course its not vital that all these steps are taken before each wedding but it’s good to know your wedding videographer is able and willing to do the things listed above. By planning in advance, leaving nothing to chance and taking a personal interest in your wedding day we are able to provide a more unique video that will reflect the personality of you and your guests.